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Categorical Methods in Algebra and Topology
(CatMAT 2000)
August 21-25, 2000
University of Bremen, Germany

CAT and TOP thinking for industrial solutions
Rolf D. Brandt
BEB, Hannover, Germany
Most people are working and thinking "in points" or "pointwise" instead of having all relevant relations in mind. Most of the applied models are graphs, most of the "connections" of "information points" or "model points" can be more easily handled if we think and work topologically and/or categorically. The existing "universe" of information (i.e. data) needs urgently other navigation systems than the existing ones, which are of linear order or at most hierarchical (i.e. trees). We need "topological navigators" ! We will give examples of applied cat thinking and top thinking in areas where other people use artificial and/or complicate numerical algorithms. Currently pretopologies are of interest to improve pattern recognition algorithms.

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CatMAT 2000
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