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C.F. Gauß

zur Forschungsgruppe KatMAT nach Bremen ...

zur eM Institut Startseite ...

Eichhörnchen springt mit Walnuss, Foto: Phasi

partielle Sonnenfinsternis, Hannover, 3.10.2005, Foto: Phasi
zur eM Institut Startseite ...

Institut für elegante Mathematik ... gruppe eM

Aktuelles (Mathe, IngWi, Industrie, ...)
(Incl. Musikereignisse bitte hier → w³euch³de )

newly founded → K a K a O web, the cultural channel

We strongly hope for all of our friends from all over the world, all the best to you, stay friendly, help each other!
Yours eM

Next conferences at Categories Lists:
→ www.mta.ca/~cat-dist/#conference
→ International Category Theory Conference CT2020, postponed ..., University of Genoa
→ news.gmane.org/gmane.science.mathematics.categories
→ www.conference-service.com/
→ at.yorku.ca/cgi-bin/amca-calendar/public/list/topology/future/
  abstract »Gravitation: Kompaktifizierung ...«

Ikosaedron e.h. a A.G., © eM 2023

  ad: »topoids: THE generalisation of topology with [or without enough] points and topology without points [so called frames and/or locales]. Topology as practiced by nature. Gravity from THE topological point of view.«

picture © D. Herrmann 2021, eM picture © D. Herrmann 2021, eM picture © D. Herrmann 2021, eM
  ad: »topology: fasciae and stability of snow«
picture © D. Herrmann 2021, eM

actual other wrt math for grids:
→ www.conference-service.com/konferenzkalender/dynamische-systeme.html
ele maths, ele astro, ele geo ...:

zu eM GeoSciences ...
zu eM GeoSciences ...
→ zu eM GeoSciences ...
un estate fa ... picole e universe topoi di minimae a massimae. Aktuelles Buch in Arbeit: »Topoides é Universoides« ... (C.v.d.B.)
Théorie de Galois pour l'univers ...: le petit et le grand, tout est la même.
Vive A.G. – gravitas galoisnensis – et H2s – topological universe –


eM next w.r.t. topoids:
• domain theory, galois connections, colimits of graphs [current status]
• adjoint part "a.s.a.p. | a.c.a.n."
• [as simple as possible || as complicate as necessary]
• cvbd equilibrum:
• universal limits = universal maxima = optimum sustainable
• all of them not equal to maximum of single parts/subobjects !
40 years after »éléments atomiques des topoi généralisées«


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ad Galois, Garbe, Topos, TopCats, alles dual = virtueller Punkt ...

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