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Important change since the mid 2010:
Because of "possibility of malinterpretation" of specific parts of the German legal system, we had decided, for some pages not to make it publicly available! Much has been in the "only for registered user name and password access directories" and relocated access restricted since that date. This applies particularly to our complete archive of past over 30 years. Here is the direct access to the said directories:
→ "with registered user name and password only available directories".
Pardon for this measure, but we invest our time rather in research, education and development rather than in any "scientific correctness owed" archive or "citing exactness" time-consuming examinations, if there is malinterpretation or possibly a copyrights infringement in the sites archived by us! Exactly that has happened / has beed the case in mid-2010 [in relation to a 10 years ago archived event]. Unfortunately this measure is at the expense of students, especially those who need information quickly or urgent help!
Poor Germany!


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